What is Gmail IMAP Server Error?

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Like most other Gmail problems, the error with IMAP server is the one that can make you frustrated. Therefore, to understand what this IMAP server is, on your Google account, you must go through this blog very carefully.


This error mostly takes place in devices. It is basically either the internet connection error or the server problem or both. In the case of this glitch, the user gets the message that reads “Cannot Get Mail”, and it simply means that your Gmail not receiving emails.

It has been also found that sometimes, this problem may also occur because of having the wrong Gmail settings. especially, if it’s your first time when you are doing the Gmail settings or making any changes there, you may make some mistakes doing it, and it may lead to this problem. This problem may also occur because of the browser too. But, since it rarely happens so

Method To Fix IMAP Error

There are very few steps that you may apply to troubleshoot this problem.

Let’s have a look at what they are:-

The most common thing that you should consider first is to ensure whether your internet connection is working fine or not. If It is, then, it’s good, but, if it is not, then, take the required steps.

The second thing that you should do, is to clear your browser cache and cookies.
You can also try to fix it by reinstalling the browser. Sometimes, the issue may be with your browser, but removing the cache and cookies. Therefore, in that case, the Reinstallation of the browser becomes very important.
If none of the above methods could make you free from this issue, then, you should check your IMAP configuration setting. In case, it is not correct, then, correct it asap to get your issue fixed.
If the 4th method also fails, then, there may be the possibility of server error from the Google side. And, in that case, you just have to wait to get this issue resolved automatically.


If you are not so experienced to handle this issue or any such related Gmail problems, then you should never try fixing it by yourself. Rather than doing this, the smart move that you can take is to contact the Gmail customer support. A short and toll-free conversation with them will make you understand how to deal with this issue. It does not matter even if you are the new user. The experienced tech support team may help you from the very basics.