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About Customer Helpdesk

Customer Helpdesk specializes in a range of outsourcing solutions, including project-based services, staff leasing, virtual captive centers, and the built-operate and transfer model. Founded by the same team behind 7th Media Design Studio, the company leverages nearly a decade of experience in running a Manila-based digital creative and technology services studio. This wealth of experience in offshoring led to the establishment of Customer Helpdesk.

Your Trusted Outsourcing Partner

At Customer Helpdesk, we are dedicated to championing the world-class, competitive skilled workforce of the USA. We aim to be your reliable and dependable outsourcing partner in this low-cost country, catering to all your business needs. When you choose to outsource non-core functions to Customer Helpdesk, you gain a competitive advantage, allowing you to focus on managing the core aspects of your business.

Comprehensive Outsourcing Services

Our spectrum of outsourcing services spans various disciplines, including creative, technical support, and information technology. We offer solutions for back-office support, marketing, sales, and even call center support teams, allowing you to customize your outsourcing strategy according to your specific requirements.


Customer Helpdesk is committed to providing strategic outsourcing and offshoring, high-level consulting services, and high-value talent recruitment for companies of all sizes. To fulfill this mission, we prioritize a deep understanding of the global outsourcing business, a sound legal and business framework, expertise in human resource and recruitment approaches, specialized knowledge of the outsourcing industry, and extensive networks across public and private sectors.

Empowering Work Environments

To achieve our mission, we recognize the importance of not only offering decent-paying jobs but also providing a healthy and enjoyable work environment. We empower our high-value talent through performance-based rewards, encourage innovative thinking, and uphold fair, ethical, and equal opportunities for all.

Contributing to Social Welfare

Customer Helpdesk is not just building a progressive USA but is also a key partner in promoting general welfare and social good for the betterment of society.


Customer Helpdesk envisions itself as the preferred premium outsourcing solutions provider and partner for business owners worldwide, aiming to make a significant impact in a hyper-competitive global business environment. We are committed to offering a wide spectrum of outsourcing services and sourcing fresh, competitive, and highly-motivated professionals who will drive our partners’ present and future success.

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